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Ondas Networks IEEE 802.16s

The Case For Private, Standard Technology Wireless Mission Critical Communications Networks

Kathy Nelson, Director, Technical Product Marketing & Industry Relations, Ondas Networks
January 2019

For several decades, critical infrastructure entities, such as oil and gas, utilities, rail, and first responders, among others, have relied on their own telecommunications networks.

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Ondas Networks IoT

Prioritizing the Internet of Things that Matter

F.H. (Rick) Smith, IT infrastructure Architect, Chevron
November 2016

On March 1, the Senate introduced a bill, known as the Developing Innovation and Growing the Internet of Things (DIGIT) Act, which directs the FCC to complete a report assessing spectrum needs required to support the internet of things (IoT), in anticipation of fostering innovation, jobs and proving useful capabilities to all of us.

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