Connectivity Solutions for

Mission Critical IIoT


From commercial and passenger rail operations to self-driving vehicles and aviation, there are a whole host of transportation applications that our Ondas technology is suited for. Our networks can provide either a primary network for enhanced security, reliability and availability or secondary network for redundancy, ensuring industrial-strength connectivity to keep transportation operations on track.

In the rail industry specifically, these networks optimize performance and monitor the quality of trains in real time. Ondas can help to providepositive train control – an initiative that the industry has continued to develop to better monitor and control train operations. Our networks are also capable of creating reliable connectivity and data communications for other applications, aside from those used for PTC, such as line-condition monitoring, rail crossing andstation automation, and rail-side sensor communication with control operations.

For industrial-connected and autonomous vehicles, we focus heavily on developing a safety network. These networks act as a secondary option for connectivity in the event that there is a data communications failure or lapse over the primary network as a result of data traffic interruption. As we see more self-driving vehicles, both for pleasure and for commercial operations, rider safety is of the utmost important and additional backup networks for security and reliability will become a necessity.

In the Aviation sector, we help to provide air-to-ground industrial internet applications using a select set of licensed frequencies. Using these frequencies coupled with our network technologies, we’re capable of providing real time data connections with aircraft.