Connectivity Solutions for

Mission Critical IIoT


Oil & gas companies rely heavily on the continual performance of their assets to meet production goals since without them, production comes to a grinding halt. Drilling, extraction, and trucking equipment can cost millions of dollars and any damage or disruption in communications with these technologies can be detrimental to operations and the company’s profitability. To protect assets and boost operational performance, many oil & gas companies are implementing IIoT ‘smart fields’ for remote communication and management of both onshore and offshore equipment.

Private wireless IIoT networks from Ondas are used to manage a variety of oil & gas operations including drill rigs, pressure gauges, rectifiers, tank monitors, LACT meters and more. In addition to controlling various operations such as starting or stopping drill rigs, these networks can provide real-time monitoring and information on the condition of their assets, identifying and minimizing potential equipment failure from wear and tear or communication disruptions. As a result, operators are able to improve productivity in the field and reduce energy waste and machine wear and tear, padding their bottom line.

At Ondas, we also work with oil & gas supermajors to identify licensed frequencies that can help companies build, own and operate their own private wireless IIoT networks. This provides operators with greater control over the network and helps secure the most critical assets against damage from cyber threats or delays in data communications.