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Siemens Mobility

Wireless Data Communications for
Mission Critical Railroad Applications

Innovating Today's Legacy Networks

The exclusive partnership between Siemens Mobility and Ondas Networks will bring a portfolio of wireless radio communication systems to the North American Rail Market. Siemens Mobility is a leader in seamless, sustainable, reliable and secure transport solutions, while Ondas Networks is a developer of private licensed wireless data networks for mission-critical industrial markets.

The MC-IoT architecture developed by Ondas Networks is designed to provide railroads with wireless networks that are built specifically for mission critical use and meet stringent demands for low latency, high reliability, availability and security. This partnership is important because it will help to provide railroads with the necessary tools to improve their operations and keep passengers safe.

The ONDAS Networks Technology

Rail networks are a crucial part of modern transportation, and efficient communication is essential for their proper function. Static, legacy communications systems can be inefficient and inflexible, while next-generation digital communications can provide enhanced efficiency. Ondas Networks’ MC-IoT radio technology offers a best-in-class solution for critical communications, and it will be featured in Siemens Mobility’s new portfolio of radios. The portfolio will include new dual-mode radios that implement Siemens Mobility’s ATCS protocols with Ondas’ next-gen MC-IoT architecture. This will provide rail operators with a best-in-class communications solution that is flexible and scalable to meet their needs.

Next-Gen Wireless Ecosystem

The MC-IoT Next-Gen Wireless Ecosystem, FullMAX™ MC-IoT platform, is designed for a greater than 20‐year life span and is multi-standard compliant. With the FullMAX™ MC-IoT platform, critical communications across industries now have the ability to future proof today’s networks with industrial grade hardware and flexible and expanding software to deliver future features and to enhance development. Cleary the need for more and more data from an expanding sensor universe demands that the core network deployed today be flexible, standards based, and highly scalable.

The migration from static legacy systems to state-of-the-art flexible digital communications establishes enhanced efficiency in Critical Communications networks.

Ondas Networks’ Mission-Critical IoT (MC-IoT) radio technology is featured in the new Siemens-branded portfolio of radio products – The Airlink Radio Family.

This innovative and game-changer portfolio includes new dual-mode radios that implement Siemens Mobility’s ATCS protocols with Ondas’ next-gen MC-IoT architecture.