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Venus says, "It's Maritime!"

Future-proof your maritime security systems. Our SDR, Venus, is a software-defined base station and remote radio with unique capabilities to minimize overhead and to maximize data throughput to better serve your data, communication, and mission critical needs.

Successful Integration of FullMAX™
Location: Caribbean


The caribbean islands are a beautiful and secluded group of islands located in the caribbean sea. The tropical climate and crystal clear waters make these islands a popular tourist destination. While the beaches and resorts are certainly a big draw, the caribbean islands are also home to an important harbor patrol.


The caribbean islands are a major shipping route, and the harbor patrol is responsible for ensuring the safety of vessels in the area. The harbor patrol is equipped with state-of-the-art radar and sonar systems, as well as fast boats and helicopters. They work closely with the coast guard to ensure that all vessels in the area are safe and accounted for.

There are hundreds of vessels out there.

Guy Simpson, COO

Guy Simpson demonstrating the ONDAS SDRs
at the 2022 Railway System Supplier Show in Kansas City


A coastal surveillance system is important for the harbor patrol in the caribbean because it helps to keep track of all vessels in the area. This is important because it helps to ensure that no illegal activities are taking place, and it also helps to keep the area safe for those who live and work there. The surveillance system also helps to coordinate the efforts of the various harbor patrols in the area, so that everyone is working together to achieve the common goal of keeping the area safe.



The weather and sea around the caribbean islands is constantly changing, making it difficult to maintain a wireless network for communication. The high winds and waves can cause damage to the network infrastructure, and the salt water can corrode the equipment. In addition, the unstable weather can make it difficult for technicians to access and repair the network if there is a problem.


The Integrated Coastal Surveillance Systems (ICSS) is the perfect way to keep an eye on things happening near the coast. With radar-based systems that include a national command and control center, Automatic Identification Systems (AIS), meteorological sensors, and a critical communications network you can be sure that you’ll always have Maritime Situational Awareness (MSA).

The ONDAS Coastal Surveillance System is a state-of-the-art solution that uses FullMAX™ technology to transmit data in real time over long range from the coastal perimeter to Coast Guard and Police vessels at sea. This implementation will provide our security forces with the capability to detect, track, and respond to maritime threats in a more timely and effective manner.

ICSS is great for detecting all types of surface targets, even under adverse sea conditions. So keep your coastal area safe with ICSS!

Insight from the CEO

“We view this first successful installation as an emerging market opportunity for Ondas Networks in the maritime defense sector.  This major defense contractor selected our FullMAX technology given its licensed frequency flexibility, robustness, and long communications range over ocean surfaces.” 

Eric Brock

Chairman and CEO of ONDAS

How to Upgrade

Install SDR
Base Stations

Ondas Networks’ Software Defined Radios create a wireless communication system for industrial,
mission critical Internet-of-Things (MC-IoT) 

Consisting of a family of software-defined base station and remote radios with unique capabilities to minimize overhead and to maximize data throughput, Airlink MC-IoT enables operators to realize a substantial reduction in the amount of spectrum required to enable current & future applications.

Installing 4 base stations on the 4 corners of the island allows for critical communication to be wirelessly transmitted in real-time anywhere around the island.  The C-Trials indicated that the communication distance was over 15 miles from shore.

Install SDR
on Vessel

Airlink Venus MC-IoT complies with IEEE 802.16-2017 to deliver secure, wide area, broadband, end-to-end IP connectivity for mission critical rail operations. IEEE 802.16-2017 is the standard for air interface for broadband wireless access systems and the only standard developed specifically to serve mission critical industries and not the consumer market.

Test & Deploy Communication Systems

The combination of high transmit power, excellent receiver sensitivity, flexible channel sizes and frequencies, allows for exceptional range in a point-to-multipoint wireless data system with non-line-of-sight connectivity for 30+ miles.


Deploy. Target.
& Intercept.

• Wide range of dynamically selected high-order modulation and error coding based on RF conditions

• Configurable channel sizes with support for wide channels (up to 10 MHz) and flexible bandwidth allocation for efficient spectrum utilization

• Combine non-adjacent channels with spectrum aggregation to maximize bandwidth

• For maximum frequency reuse, Time Division Duplexing (TDD), allows uplink and downlink data rates to be set independently over a single channel

• Highly configurable Quality of Service based on payload data allows for reliable, well tuned network performance