Connectivity Solutions for

Mission Critical IIoT


Federal, state and local governments continue to advance and automate their operations with the Industrial Internet. Applications vary across each level however, due to the mission-critical nature of these operations, its vital for the IIoT networks to be available across a wide range of varied terrain, reliable in its resilience and continued real-time data delivery, and secure enough to mitigate threats from natural disasters or cyberattacks.

Federal government agencies including, DOE, EPA, USGS and more stand to benefit from the use of sensor technologies over a private Industrial Internet which helps to monitor and identify environmental changes, grid transmission activity and other concerns across wide geographical regions. Furthermore, for disaster relief efforts by agencies such as FEMA, private networks provide control and independence from the grid and public cellular data networks, enabling operations to resume quickly.

On a state level, emergency response has faced serious disruptions over the last few years, ranging from limits in network reliability during natural disasters to the intrusion of external interference from cyber threats. To ensure emergency responders have a network that they can depend upon, governments can leverage Ondas private wireless networks to separate data communications from the public internet.

Local municipalities seeking solutions to develop a smart city structure also stand to benefit from the Industrial Internet. Low-cost sensor technologies are already helping local governments to oversee industrial applications including smart water and wastewater operations, smart lighting, transmission grids, and more. Ondas works with municipalities to identify the best network solution for your smart city, from custom building a new network that is wholly owned and operated by the municipality, or by providing a managed network service for a premium.